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My sister was home alone one day, and she called me where I was at a relative’s home to say that there was someone in the house. She’d heard them walking around the living room and into the kitchen, then run back the other direction. I told her to make sure the door to the room she was in was locked, and rushed back over. I had to call her back to get her to let me in the house, because all of the doors (including the storm doors) and windows for were locked from the inside, and the storm doors did not have keyed locks. There was no one else in the house.

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I lived with my sister and grandparents growing up, in the house that my great-grandmother had owned. Once, I was making an apple pie when I could feel someone stand behind me and rest a hand on my shoulder. No one was in the kitchen except for me. I asked my grandmother what to do, and she told me that I needed to place an offering of food for the spirits on the roof because they were hungry. I finished baking the pie, with cold spots all around me as I worked, and when it was done I threw two slices of it up onto the roof of the house. Nothing bothered me for the rest of the night.

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My grandmother’s generation lived down in a canyon along a creek. It was some distance from the nearest town, and their closest neighbors were her father’s brothers and an elderly farmer. She and one of her brothers told me a story once about a creature that had come to their yard. Some of the boys had said something about a man in the yard. Great-grandmother went to look, and there was a shadow of a man sitting on the wood chopping block. As they watched, the thing began to crawl across the lawn, unlike any man would do. Frightened, she went for the gun, and when she made it to the door, there was no longer anything there.

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My grandmother once told me a story. One of our family members (sadly, I cannot recall precisely who) was coming home from a trip. They lived in a small canyon along a creek, and as they travelled they could hear someone singing “Let the Circle Be Unbroken.” As they crested a hill and looked down, they spotted an old woman walking along the creek. She passed under a bridge and out of site for a moment. A coyote came out the other side, still singing, and vanished into the trees.

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Since roughly the age of 10, I have been followed by what many, as I’ve discovered, call a “tall man.” He is a tall, dark figure with no face or other features. He appears at all time of day and night and just about anywhere. I’ve seen him standing still or walking alongside me, and I will admit to being very afraid of him. Some part of me tells me that he is a danger to me if I were to let him near.

No one among my friends and family have ever seen him as I have, although as I’ve gotten older, I’ve spoken with other people who have seen similar things. 

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